St. Pius X SummerFest 2019

July 10, 11, 12, 2020 Cedar Rapids, IA

St Pius x Summerfest Olympics

SATURDAY - 2:30 - 5:00pm, next to Carnival Area!

 All of these Olympic Games are open and FREE to EVERYONE. We encourage EVERYONE to sign up! 


Cup staking (Saturday @ 2:30 pm)

Individual contestants will stack up 35 cups and then all the way back together.
 Divisions: Kids (K-5); Open (6 grade-Adult); Pastor/Minister/Church Staff

Divisions: Kids (K-5); Family; Open (6 grade-Adult)

Divisions: Family; Open (6 grade-Adult)

Poop the Potato relay (Saturday @ 3:00 pm)

 Teams of 4 will take turns “pooping potatoes” - Kids division, family division, open (any team of four) division 

Water balloon towel toss (Saturday 3:30 pm)

 Teams of 4 will toss and catch a water balloon with towels - winner is the one that is the furthest - kids division, family division, open division

The holy trinity relay (Saturday @ 4:00 pm)

Teams of 4 (family division and open division) will compete doing the following:
A) Father Leg - one team member will put a cross together using 2 poles and string. After the cross is assembled, two toilet paper rolls will be put on the arms of the cross and hand off to the three-legged race team
B) Son Leg - a three-legged team will take the cross with the toilet paper rolls and bring it to the 4th team member
C) Holy Ghost Leg - the first member will help the 4th member roll themselves up in toilet paper to become the Holy Ghost and race to the end 

The Bible bowl (Saturday @ 4:30 pm)

 Teams of up to 4 will answer questions